Here at Churches of Christ Insurance, we have partnered with LinkSafe to deliver access to quality training for our members. A listing of available courses is below along with instructions about how to access them.

Available courses:

Risk Management Officer (RMO) Induction

RedBook has now been around in Victorian Churches of Christ since 2009. All churches have adopted RedBook as the Church of Christ risk management system. As part of RedBook we have encouraged all churches to appoint a Risk Management Officer to oversee RedBook.

Who should take this induction?

This induction has been designed to train the church Risk Management Officer (RMO) or designated RedBook person in your church. It is also suitable for deacons, administrators and ministers of smaller churches.

How to Use Fire Extinguishers Induction

We are all familiar with the bright red extinguishers mounted on walls around our church building but do we know how to use them? This induction will explain the basics on how to operate different kinds of fire equipment commonly found in your church facilities.

What will this induction teach you?

This induction course explains how to use fire extinguishers, fire blankets and fire hose reels commonly found in your church buildings. You will learn how to select and use the correct extinguisher for different types of fire. It includes practical information on what to do in the event of a fire, explains standard fire orders and concludes with some useful safety tips.

Who should take this induction?

We recommend at least two people in each church should take this induction. Bigger churches should encourage ministry leaders and administration staff to also take the induction. The course is ideal for church Risk Management Officers (RMOs), employees, contract workers, casual and volunteer workers and occupiers and tenants of your church facilities.

Volunteer Safety Induction

Accidents do happen. Your typical church working bee is one example where care is required. Your church can help minimize accidents by getting your volunteers to understand the risks and OHS requirements so they are more aware of potential hazards.

What will this induction teach you?

A basic awareness of safety features in your church, OHS requirements, emergency procedures, and safe work procedures.

Who should take this induction?

Risk Management Officers (RMOs), church leaders, ministers, staff, volunteers and contractors.

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How to access the courses:


1) All members must first complete the PIN Registration process prior to starting any inductions.

2) Once a PIN and Password have been created, you’re good to go. Simply login and get started.

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