Summary of Insurance

Find out everything you need to know about our insurance and the cover we provide in this one simple document. Please note that a Summary of Insurance should never be treated as a replacement for the detail contained in policy documents.

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Property Claim

This form is used to make a claim if church property has been lost or damaged in an insurable incident.

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Public Liability Claim

Download this form to make a claim against an accident which has caused injury to a member of the public at your church, or any incident which has the potential to result in a personal injury claim.

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Incident Report Form

Use this form to record the details of any incident of injury at your church, or any occasion of a near miss where a person was endangered but escaped injury.  Comes with instructions on how to complete. 

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Incident Register

Use this form to keep a summary of all the incidents and accidents in your organisation, and to plan strategies for risk reduction.  

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Injury or Illness/First Aid Report

If someone falls ill or sustains an injury at your church, you should complete this form to capture the details of each incident.

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Contents Inventory

Churches should ensure that they record and keep track of building contents by keeping an inventory listing. This will help any claim you make as a result of disaster or theft be processed faster and more accurately. Download a useful inventory template to get started. 

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Social & Digital Media Policy Form

The internet and social media are powerful communication tools and their misuse could be damaging to your church. Use this form to help establish your Social Media Use Policy to protect the privacy and dignity of your church, congregation and community.

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Sexual Abuse Risk Management - Self-Audit Questionnaire

Use this form as a guide to assessing your church's potential risk and establishing sound risk management strategies around sexual abuse at your church.

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Event Risk Management Form

As an event organiser, you are responsible for the safety of people engaged in staging your event. This form can help you identify likely hazards and implement risk management strategies to prevent any incidents from occurring.

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